Dispensary is a candy dispenser made from recycled wood, pill bottles, and a mason jar.
From the outside, it appears to dispense a mix of candy and drugs. But a hidden inner compartment contains only candy – no drugs are dispensed.

I had a lot of unused medication lying around from failed attempts to treat my migraines. When I stumbled across a $1 mason jar and some nice scrap wood, I knew I could finally put the (largely expired) medicine to good use.

The dispenser includes Amitriptyline, Aspirin, Gabapentin, Nabumetone, Oxycodone and Topirimate. Jawbreakers, jelly beans, Mini Chewy SweeTarts and Sixlets round out the cast.

The design of the dispenser was heavily informed by this instructional blog post at Boys' Life. You can read more about the making of Dispensary on my blog.